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Posted on December 4, 2015 — by Jordan Frenkel

In 1988 Dr. Ronald B. Frenkel, M.D. opened his new office, The Cataract and Laser Center , in the Pembroke area of Virginia Beach and quickly established a name for himself among area eye doctors. With the only in-office Laser suite and a reputation for professional and caring treatment, the Cataract and Laser Center became the fastest growing eye care center in Southeastern Virginia. In 1996, the Cataract and Laser Center expanded, and became AAPECS Eye Care.

Dr. Frenkel

  • Was the 1st ophthalmologist in Southeastern Virginia to offer in-office LASIK & PHASER surgery.
  • Pioneered surgical techniques that significantly reduced patient discomfort and recovery time.
  • Was the 1st Virginia Beach Ophthalmologist to perform no-stitch, no injection cataract surgery.
  • Has been invited to speak both locally and nationally about his "soft touch" surgical techniques and has performed more topical anesthesia, no-stitch cataract surgeries than any other Virginia Beach ophthalmologist.
The unique "Patient Focused" orientation at AAPECS Eye Care creates an atmosphere of confidence, trust, and relaxation. In addition, statistics from one of the area's largest insurers suggested that AAPECS Eye Care is the most cost-effective eye care center in southeastern Virginia, the first to combine INTRALASE with custom cornea laser vision correction.

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