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The INFINITY PROGRAM is a warranty program developed at AAPECS EYE CARE to increase the chance that you will not need glasses after cataract surgery. The Infinity program is NOT covered by insurance.

Many, many patients can see well in the distance without glasses after cataract surgery. However, new PREMIUM lens implants and LASER vision correction can make this more likely. The infinity program is like an insurance policy. You pay a reduced up-front fee and we will use premium lenses and/or laser vision correction to reduce your dependence on glasses.

DISTANCE VISION: If you have remaining nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism after cataract surgery, LASIK surgery can reduce the chance that you will need glasses to see in the distance. (You will still need glasses to read.) (Patients who have astigmatism and/or who were very nearsighted or farsighted prior to their cataract surgery will benefit most from this program. Patients who had little or no astigmatism and/or little or no nearsightedness or farsightedness prior to developing cataracts have lower risk of needing LASIK surgery to achieve good vision without glasses.)

DISTANCE AND UP-CLOSE VISION: The standard lens implant covered by your insurance may give you good distance vision without glasses but it cannot allow you to see both up-close and in the distance. To achieve good distance and up-close vision without glasses in each eye requires the implantation of a premium MULTIFOCAL LENS IMPLANT.


MONOFOCAL IMPLANT + LASER SURGERY (IF NEEDED): $1,200/eye (for distance vision only)

MULTIFOCAL IMPLANT + LASER SURGERY (IF NEEDED): $3,260/eye (for distance & up-close vision only)



Cataract Statistics


Cataract surgery is an “elective” procedure. In other words. It is up to the patient, not the doctor, when the vision is bad enough to warrant cataract surgery.

The goal of cataract surgery is to improve vision. It is NOT to reduce the dependence on eyeglasses and/or contact lenses. Our unique INFINITY PROGRAM can decrease or eliminate the need for glasses after cataract surgery. However, while some patients may achieve perfect vision after refractive surgery, perfect vision should NOT BE EXPECTED.

Cataract surgery does not involve the use of a laser. A laser may be used after your cataract surgery if you have elected tp participate in the INFINITY PROGRAM.

Adverse Events

Complications in cataract surgery are rare but can occur.

GLARE & HALOS: Multifocal lenses are more likely to cause halos, starbursts, and glare then monofocal lenses. In some cases, these symptoms are quite severe causing significant difficulty with driving at night and night vision.

Significant complications resulting in severe and permanent vision loss, or even the loss of an eye, can occur with any eye surgery. However serious complications such as these are very, very rare.

The discussion of adverse effects and complications is necessarily incomplete. Additional complications can be discussed at AAPECS Eye Care.

Cataract Cost & Financing

Regular cataract surgery is covered by most insurance plans. Many people after cataract surgery will see well without glasses without the need for any additional expense.

However, we do have “specialty implants” and programs that increase your chance of seeing well without glasses. These will require additional payments that are not covered by insurance. (SEE INFINITY PROGRAM)

CATARACT SURGERY: Usually covered by your insurance. Your only expense would be deductibles or copayments required by your individual policy.

CATARACT SURGERY: For uninsured patients

$4,000/eye – includes O.R. and surgeon costs


Only AAPECS Eye Care offers an infinity program. The infinity program combines laser vision correction with cataract surgery to reduce your dependence on glasses. (SEE INFINITY PROGRAM)