Enjoy Sharper Vision with LASIK

What is LASIK?

Our ALL–LASER LASIK (Laser Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis) is the most accurate, permanent way to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and/or astigmatism. The procedure uses lasers to reshape the cornea. It is associated with minimal discomfort, and usually takes less than 10 minutes. For most patients LASIK is a permanent correction that does not need to be repeated. We have successfully treated patients from ages 18 to 90.

Why Choose LASIK?

There are a number of surgical ways to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. PRK, LASEK and other surface procedures can offer patients the same visual results as LASIK surgery. However, the healing time and discomfort associated with these procedures is significantly greater than with LASIK. For minimizing discomfort and healing time while maximizing vision without glasses, nothing is better than LASIK

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All-laser LASIK

When LASIK was first FDA approved, a machine called a micro-keratome was used to create the flap needed for LASIK surgery. Like modern LASIK, this was a highly successful procedure. However, the creation of the flap was associated with extra risk simply because the micro-keratome was not as reliable as lasers. At AAPECS we use the latest INTRALASE laser to create the flaps in our LASIK patients.

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Why Choose AAPECS?

1. 1st in-office laser in Hampton Roads.
2. 1st Custom Cornea LASIK in Hampton Roads.
3. 1st Radar-guided tracking laser in Hampton Roads.
4. 1st Centurion LASIK surgeon in Hampton Roads.
5. Only surgeon in the country recognized by Summit Technology as their “Outstanding LASIK Surgeon”.
6. 1st Vision Guarantee.

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Are You A Candidate?

1. You must be age 18 – 90.
2. We can correct astigmatism.
3. We can correct nearsighted.
4. We can correct farsightedness.
5. In most cases, if you wear glasses or contacts, we can help you.
6. We can treat people who have had cataract surgery

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What To Look For In A Lasik Surgeon

1. Experience: Dr. Frenkel is one of the area’s most experienced LASIK surgeons.
2. Equipment: We use advanced all-laser LASIK technology
3. Affordability: You will not a find a better value for all laser LASIK with a 3 year warrantee in Hampton Roads.
4. Warrantee: We offer the areas only 3-year warrantee

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Lasik Costs

AAPECS EYE Care was recognized as one of the most cost-effective LASIK centers in the country. We are one of the few LASIK centers with no hidden costs. You pay one fee for your LASIK surgery and everything else we do, related to your LASIK, surgery is free for 3 years. We are well known for our ability to perform the most advanced laser vision correction at a lower cost than other laser centers.

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Financing and Insurance

1.We offer no-interest financing through “Care Credit”.
2. Most insurance companies do not actually cover LASIK surgery. We honor discounts for ALL insurance companies even if we are not listed on their provider panel.
3. Because of our efficiency we are able to perform more procedures at a lower cost than most other laser centers. We pass the cost-saving on to our patients.

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What To Expect During Surgery

1. There are two steps involved in LASIK surgery. They usually each take about 30 seconds.
2. From start to finish, the procedure takes less than 10 minutes.
3. You will be offered valium if you are nervous.
4. Most patients feel slight pressure and little actual pain.
5. You will NOT see sharp instruments coming towards your eye.
6. You do not need to worry about blinking or moving.

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What To Expect After Surgery

1. Vision will still be slightly blurry immediately after surgery.
2. Most people see quite well after 3-4 hours.
3. There is a variable amount of foreign body sensation lasting anywhere from 3 – 12 hours after surgery.
4. We suggest light activity and no driving the day of surgery. 5. Most patients can go back to normal activities the next day.

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How The Eye Works

The eye works in a way very similar to a camera. Both the cornea and the lens help focus the image onto the retina (like the lens of a camera). The image must be clearly focused on the retina which is like the film of the camera. In nearsighted people, the cornea is too steep. In farsighted people, the cornea is too flat. Astigmatism is simply an irregular shape to the cornea. All of these conditions are helped by LASIK surgery.

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Quality Care At Lower Cost

AAPECS EYE Care was recognized as one of the most cost-effective LASIK centers in the country. Major laser companies sent doctors and their staff from across the country to train with us. Because of our efficiency we are able to perform more procedures at a lower cost than most other laser centers. We pass the cost-saving on to our patients. You will not find a lower cost for all-laser LASIK with a 3-year warrantee in Hampton roads.

excimer laser

The Excimer Laser

Excimer stands for excited dimer. The laser used for LASIK surgery works unlike most lasers people are familiar with. There is no heat or ‘destructive” force associated with LASIK surgery. The excimer laser is so gentle that it removes 1 molecular layer at a time. Computerized topography allows for individualized laser treatment designed to reduce or eliminate nearsightedness, farsightedness and corneal irregularity (astigmatism).

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PRK, LASEK & Other Procedures

PRK, LASEK and other surface procedures require that the epithelium (surface layer of skin on the cornea) be removed prior to the laser treatment. Many practices who do not have laser to create the LASIK flap prefer these procedures over using the microkeratome. These surface procedures may be preferable in a small percentage of patients with thin corneas or other corneal irregularities. In most cases, we recommend LASIK.

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Common Questions

We offer free LASIK consultations where you will have all of your questions answered. The biggest concern expressed by most patients to whether they can cause a problem if they blink or move. There are many, many safety features built in to our advanced laser system that will simply stop the laser if the patient blinks or move.

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