How the LASIK Procedure Works

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Two images of the eye showing myopia.

For a patient to have clear vision, his/her cornea must accurately focus the image onto the retina in the back of the eye. Illustrated in the picture on the left is a nearsighted eye, with the image focused in front of the retina.  The picture on the right illustrates how glasses are used to refocus the light onto the retina.


A colorful graphic showing a closeup simplistic version of the steps of LASIK.

All laser vision correction procedures work by reshaping the patient’s cornea so that light is correctly focused onto the retina.  In nearsighted eyes, the laser is used to flatten the cornea – as illustrated below.  This helps focus the image correctly onto the retina. In farsighted eyes, the laser will steepen the cornea.  For treatment of astigmatism, the laser is used to create a more regularly shaped cornea.  LASIK is the most advanced of the laser vision correction procedures. Unlike earlier laser procedures, LASIK involves the creation of a corneal flap. (See Why LASIK?) Compared to earlier procedures, LASIK significantly reduces healing time and discomfort.

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